Roller POS

The most advanced Point of Sale system purpose built to manage sales entry at venues and events..

Sell Online, and Onsite

The fully integrated solution to manage online and onsite ticket sales, all through the one interface, all pulling from the one source of inventory.

Manage Entry Better

The Roller POS is streamlined in design to ensure that your customer's receive a personalised experience form the start, and so that your lines move faster.

Entry Tickets and Passes

Session Based Tickets

Season Passes and Memberships

Guestlist and Event Tickets

SELL ON any device

Our cloud based solution is compatible with phones, tablets and even existing POS monitors

Configure your own POS

Perfect for businesses of any size. Whether you are large attraction servicing over a million entrants a year, or a pop up event for only 30 people. The Roller POS is simple to use, and powerful in functionality. And best of all, you can set it up so that it works for you!


We're with you from start to finish

24/7 Support Line For Your Team

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