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    14th July 2017

    Setting up your Trampoline Park for SUCCESS!

    By roller and Ashlee Omeara

    Indoor trampoline parks are showing tremendous growth across the globe as children and adults of all ages find entertainment from bouncing off the walls, playing a game of dodgeball or landing on a pit of foam.

    At ROLLER we really like to get into the shoes (or socks) of Trampoline Park goers, to really understand the experience from start to finish – check out this image of our CTO Andrew Brodie really getting into it (perhaps a tad too much!).


    As one of the fastest growing family entertainment attractions, it is important to ensure your park is thriving in this new industry. Here are eight tips that we have compiled to help your trampoline park grow and be the talk of the town.

    1. Ticketing systems that stand out

    First, it’s time to master your ticketing system with a seamless ticketing process that will leave a memorable impression on your customers. A fine tuned system can improve the experience for both your customers and staff. Sell your tickets in multiple places, both online and on-site, to appeal to every type of customer. Make sure your system allows for even the trickiest of ticketing such as time-based slots across multiple rooms and times. Lastly, upsell your customers before they walk through the doors with add-on purchases such as VIP passes, vouchers, and merchandise.

    2. Hassle-free check-in

    Streamlining your check in process allows your guests to start jumping and flipping as soon as possible. One way to do this is by providing digital waivers that can be signed before arrival and helps reduce costs, waste, and lines. Make the most of digital waivers by allowing parents and guardians to sign for multiple minors at once. Customize your waivers with additional images, branding, text fields and surveys for visibility and market data.

    3. Boost bulk purchases

    Everyone loves a great deal! Encourage bulk purchases with group deals and season passes to attract new and returning customers. Customise your offers with creative bulk purchase options like offering discounts to groups and families with packaged tickets. Offer variety and flexibility in your purchase options as well as custom forms for large group bookings to save your staff time.

    4. Turbo-charge your party packages

    Make your park the perfect party venue with stellar party packages. Parents and organizers will appreciate the ease of planning and the opportunity for hours of healthy fun. Parties also work as a referral program by bringing potential customers through your door. Clearly outline package options and give customers the opportunity to customise, by deciding the duration of the event and whether food or cake is included. Give the parties more character by offering themes in the package options complete with decorations, hats, and more! Don’t forget to let everyone know you offer parties by advertising on-site and online with clear instructions on how to book. Providing a streamlined process lets you know exactly what you need and make sure it’s a party to remember!

    5. Delectable food-and-beverage

    Keep your guests fueled for fun with a next-level café, complete with food-and-beverage packages. Create the best café experience with a variety of menu options with something for kids and adults – don’t forget to cater for all sorts of allergies and preferences. Add a competitive advantage to your park with discounted food-and-beverage packages available with ticket purchases. To add an incentive, include the amount customers save with the bundles and don’t forget to advertise on your website and at the ticket booth.

    6. Modernize your gift card system

    Bring your gift card system into the 21st century with digital gift cards. Adding digital cards along with your physical ones provides your customers additional flexibility. Digital gift cards are easy to purchase and allows customers to personalise their gift with videos, photos, and messages! To help boost your sales with gift cards make sure you promote your digital cards through social channels and utilize them for promotional items, customers typically spend an additional 20% when they redeem. Also consider taking the “gift” out of “gift cards” and sell them as a safe, cashless pass for your venue.

    7. Keep equipment up to date

    The most indispensable part of your venue is the equipment! Make sure you keep yours in top shape by keeping equipment up to date and properly maintained. This includes your trampolines, kitchen, and also your electronics such as point-of-sale systems and computers. By keeping your software up to date and trampolines clean you can provide the best and safest experience for your customers and staff.

    8. Increase customer engagement

    Maintaining meaningful contact with your customers helps build your relationships and increases their chances of returning to the park. Engagement after they’ve left the park can leave a lasting impression on customers. Attentive customer service and fast response times are crucial as customers expect instant engagement. Don’t forget to send out discount codes to email lists or reward your top customers with special promotions, and as always personalise emails where possible.

    The future in trampoline park software is here! ROLLER provides everything you need to help your trampoline park grow, wrapped in a slick interface and backed by a team of dedicated individuals ready to help you every step of the way.

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