Easy integrated memberships, family passes and tools to make sure you have enough time to work on the things that matter for your business


Membership tickets require multiple options with flexibility and variations on levels of access. These can be easily programmed into ROLLER to match your cultural destination. With auto renewals and the ability to collect donations online, we provide you with the data you need to deliver a seamless experience to your guests.


Group bookings

Our booking tools give you the flexibility to interact with any type of group and track all of their particulars. With the power to build custom forms you can gain greater customer insight, conduct surveys or simply provide a more personalised service. 

Increased system functionality allows you to promote your education sessions or programs via email, sell hidden tickets with special codes and prices, and assist large corporate bookings.  You can now have every variety of ticket on the same system as your walk-in customers.


Session based tickets

Add each area of your venue and sessions so customers can purchase time based tickets for the exhibition they wish to attend. Our easy to adjust ticket builder makes this challenging area a breeze. Ensure a smooth customer flow and increase revenue with the ability to sell add-on’s such as food and beverages, souvenirs or special experiences at the same time.



ROLLER's powerful POS shares a common user interface with ticketing and admissions, giving you a holistic 360-degree view of your customer. Set up additional stations within minutes, use your live reporting and data to modify quickly and increase conversion.

Integrated Inbox

Our Inbox helps manage all of your bookings and requests, payments and notifications, all from the one platform.

We can help to schedule leaders and tours, customers, track payments and send invoices, and ensure group bookings are easily managed. Avoid the time loss your staff incur when switching back and forth on alternative tools. 


Reporting and analysis

Built in reporting within key modules provides access to the most commonly used reports. Track visitor attendance, purchasing habits or donations and much more. With ROLLER they are your customers, so it is your data.

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