Everything you need to run the
Perfect Event


Get set up in minutes, sell more tickets and use ROLLER, the one-stop-shop for all your event tools

We provide easy-to-use tools so you can ensure your event is killer. From huge live music festivals with thousands of attendees to private soirees, ROLLER supports them all. Get your event up and running and promoted in minutes, track your progress in real time and stay organised with add on purchases.


Get your funds - fast

ROLLER lets your customers pay for tickets, additional purchases (like a bottle of wine) or use discount codes for VIP’s all in the one place. Track your sales, manage any refunds and receive your funds up front quickly and easily.

ROLLER offers same day settlement* capability, so you receive your funds into your bank account as soon as people purchase their tickets. No more waiting.

same day settlement

Keep your customers on your own website to increase purchases

Don’t use other event tools that pull your customers away from your site to purchase tickets. ROLLER creates custom booking pages and embeds them directly onto your website, so you can focus on selling tickets and managing your guest registrations. Call us so you can take control of what your event page looks like.

We know it works- because we work with the best


Promote your event and grab the attention of new customers

Shout it from the tree tops! With easy to add retargeting you can reach those new or slow moving customers reminding them of why your event will be the one they can’t miss.

Share your custom page URL’s, use our drag and drop email creator and make a wicked email to promote it far and wide.

No more clipboards

Download our digital guestlist app, and scan tickets straight from your customers' mobile phones and printed tickets. Available on any device (no need for extra hardware) allowing ticket validation from all entry gates. Avoid messy manual processes and have customer information on hand, allowing your door staff to interact personally with everyone who attends your events.



Advanced analytics & reporting

Access all your data in real time. Create your own beautiful graphs, export your data directly into CSVs, and best of all, view your real-time dashboards on key metrics of your event's performance.


Sell more tickets, with less effort

ROLLER's automated platform will help you sell more tickets

social rewards ticketing

Social rewards

Everytime someone buys a ticket, you can incentivise them to get their friends to buy as well, and gain a reward. Let your customers do the marketing for you!

capture forms ticketing

Capture forms

Before you've even decided on your event, we'll get you setup with a form to capture people's interest so you can follow them up later.

ad retargeting ticketing

Ad retargeting

Let's say someone visits your event page online and doesn't go through to purchase a ticket (probably because they are not quite ready). We make sure that those people see display ads about your event when they are searching the internet... on Facebook, Google etc. Magic!

incentivized sharing ticketing

Sharing incentives

Set discounts for social sharing. For example, you can say that buyers will receive 10% off their ticket price for sharing the event on Facebook... A great way to help incentivise word of mouth advertising.

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