New Feature

Self Serve Kiosk

Reduce queues and increase efficiency in your venue by automating the ticketing, waiver and check in process with an all-in-one Self Serve Kiosk.

Easy set up  •  Cancel anytime


It’s a self-service world

From airports to supermarkets, customers are taking advantage of self service technology and now you can offer self-service at your venue! Selling tickets, up-selling products and collecting waivers will be easier than ever!


A lean, mean, selling machine

Wave goodbye to lengthy queues at your venue. Our self serve technology is designed to help reduce staff requirements and the time taken to check customers in.

Quick and painless waivers

Waiver signing is complicated business which can take up valuable time. We’ve obsessed over every detail to simplify the process so that every customer can seamlessly sign a waiver in the same flow as purchasing tickets.

Less queues. More customers.

Nobody likes queues. And as a business, you could be missing out on revenue by not getting guests into your venue quick enough. Ensure your customers have an enjoyable experience from start to finish, and drive revenue while you’re at it!


Sound good?

Start automating your check-in process today! With less need to be behind the POS, your staff can focus their energy on providing a better customer experience from the moment they walk through the door.

Easy set up  •  Cancel anytime