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Step-by-step guide to

Manage Voucher Redemption


Customers Purchase Online


Issuing Of Voucher

When customers book online via the Venue's booing page, Roller automatically distributes emails that contain instructions on how the customer is to redeem their vouchers.

The vouchers can either be printed or presented on their mobile device. Each voucher will have it's own receipt number and QR code that can be scanned or entered into the redemption management system.

Simple, Secure and Reliable

  • Find vouchers by name, email, receipt number
  • Scan QR code receipts ato pull up vouchers quickly
  • Sell vouchers directly through the management app and take payment directly through the app (Cash & Card accepted) - vouchers are automatically delivered via email
  • Syncs between up to 50 devices
  • Available on any device (Mobile, Tablet, POS, Desktops)
  • See full profile views and capture more information

Management Options

Option 1 - One Use Vouchers

  • One click to check off usage
  • One time only use for the vouchers
  • Faster and easier to manage
  • Works best for voucher offers

Option 2 - Credit Based Vouchers

  • Enter in the amount of credit used per purchase
  • Manage credit levels of each voucher
  • Multiple uses per voucher

Supported Devices

Tablet devices - Laptop & Desktops - POS Systems (separate window link)

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