CRM modules from ROLLER manage and analyse interactions and data over the course of the customer journey cycle. Our smart CRM allows you to better segment and target your customers with marketing communications and simplifies processes to save you time.



The unique all-in-one system from ROLLER collates all the customer data from your CRM modules on one powerful dashboard. You can then easily share insights and customer details from one central system to ensure relevance and expand as your business grows.

Customise the CRM to meet your unique needs

Not all amusement parks are the same. Drive sales demand across all channels by enabling our custom reporting on customer behaviours and buying habits. Custom forms give you the ability to easily collect information that is relevant to your business.

ROLLER’s intelligent CRM gives you the information that you need, in the format required and in a way that you can use it!

Roller email marketing

ROLLER marketing mail is a professional grade automated email module seamlessly integrated into your ROLLER platform. You can collect and segment your data using our CRM and send engaging email content that is personalised and relevant. Increase sales with automation, greater insight, workflows, and advanced reporting.

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Reward your top customers

As a natural extension of the ticketing module, ROLLER offers multiple variations of discount codes to drive urgent sales or reward your VIP clients. Reward frequent customers with reduced multi-passes and set expiry dates or rules to manage your promotions. Share your promotions through your ROLLER marketing mail and watch the bookings flow in.

Use your data for good & work those reports

Our clever CRM gives you clear insights that help you make important business decisions without breaking a sweat. With our pre-made custom reports, it’s easy to spot patterns and carry out accurate forecasting.

All data is in real-time, allowing you to discover the insights that matter to you. You can also dig deep into your data and extract the intelligent information you need to help your team build winning sales strategies.


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Cloud based and water tight

Our cloud-based storage means all data is secure and available from any ROLLER enabled device. Cloud based also offers the advantage of infinite size, you will never need to worry about capacity as your customer and data grows.