Roller will provide:

  • A system that issues printable and digital tickets with management application for 2000 attendees
  • Captures customer information to be added to CMUE existing CRM system
  • Track traffic channels for ticket purchasers
  • Allow CMUE to issue invoices and collect payments via Credit Card or Bank Deposit
  • Allow for CMUE to request event settlement of funds less Roller fees on a weekly basis
  • Roller will supply a support manager to consult and assist with the management of the event. 

Pricing and General Comments

Roller will process all credit card payments through it's merchant facility unless CMUE applies for their own Braintree Account.

Roller will charge 1.1% software licence fee for use of the booking and management system and which can be on-charged to the attendee. 

Roller will charge the customer a 3% merchant fee for all cards and $0.99 transaction fee. 


Incentivised social sharing, resellers and promoter tracking, integrated advertising tools... and a focus in driving you more sales.

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