Making the necessary stuff-easier


ROLLER is the pioneering customer centric platform with a suite of supportive apps and software solutions. Our partners receive a curated 360 view, empowering them to uncover their own untapped operational efficiencies. We are continually innovating to increase your company’s conversions.

Customisable forms

Customise your forms to capture the data you need, building a complete profile of your patrons. With the ability to capture, store and profile your patrons prior to entry you can treat every guest like a VIP. The more you know, the better your business can personalise, providing value to your visitors.

Data & reporting

The greater your business insights, the faster you can improve. You have the ability to access all data and reporting, in real time and from any device. As a fully connected ecosystem, ROLLER provides advanced metrics on the key performance indicators of your business, and present them in a simple, yet powerful way. Our platform also captures all customer data and analytics across your email campaigns.


Gift cards

Our advanced proprietary gift card solution allows your customers to purchase physical or digital gift cards online via your website, and redeem it directly through your POS (and the ROLLER ticketing system). With the additional unique features of timed delivery (his or her birthday morning at 9am), and inbuilt video messaging, this enables your customers to personalise their gifts even further.


Digital waivers

The ROLLER safety waiver system integrates directly into your online booking and physical location POS.  Collect waivers during the time of purchase online to save you and your customers time. Avoid messy paper and streamline your waiver process, by checking in your guests via a mobile tablet device, or give your employees the ability to email a waiver to a parent or guardian when a child arrives in need with only a few clicks.


Discount codes

As a natural extension of the ticketing system, ROLLER has the ability to offer discount codes with multiple variations. Drive urgent sales or reward your VIP clients, with discount or dollar value reductions. Reward frequent customers with reduced multi-passes, and set expiry dates or rules to manage your promotions.  Add limitations to your offers, share your promotions through your merged email builder, and watch the bookings flow in.

Payment & invoice facilities

Every partner of ROLLER has the ability to manage their entire system, payments and refunds independently.  With strategic partnerships in place with Albert by Commonwealth Bank, Braintree and PayPal, you can set your own custom fees on top of ticket/access prices. We also have the flexibility of multiple invoice payment types including direct deposit, BPAY, check, cash or credit card and same day settlement, give you the capacity to access your cash flow - fast.


Sneak peek

We are always working on new products, and will continue to bring fresh solutions to market.

Soon to be released include:

  • Mobile applications that have inbuilt augmented reality
  • Cashless wallets
  • Integrated venue maps
  • Advanced marketing with inbuilt text messaging services
  • Weather services to help with staff rostering
  •  Self-serve kiosks, to improve the onsite ticketing experience
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