Creating valuable, personal touches

send beautiful campaigns, with reporting tools to measure your success


Custom design 

Engage your customers online by building clean and professional email campaigns without requiring design skills.

All ROLLER email templates are fully customisable to match your brand colours, logo and style.  The drag & drop builder makes it easy to create winning email campaigns that are responsive on all devices.  

To get you started ROLLER mail also comes with a selection of pre-built original templates.

Increase performance 

By managing and segmenting your audience into custom categories using ROLLER’s list management, you can be sure to send the correct content to an excited and engaged audience.

Study your customers with A/B split testing to see what colours or wording perform better.  

Send offers to your database based on their demographics to engage with them on an individual level.


Real-time reporting 

Email marketing can be one of the most fruitful and measurable marketing mediums used in your business. For every campaign, you can easily track & measure the success and revenue generated.

See who opened your mail and on what device in real time. The real-time reporting in ROLLER will help you make educated decisions based on how many people clicked, shared, bounced or unsubscribed from your campaigns.



Studies have shown that clicks and sales increase by up to 6x when personalisation is used in email campaigns. 

ROLLER mail gives you the ability to try simple tactics such as adding a customer's name to the subject line or try advanced techniques such as modifying content based on gender or location.

With ROLLER mail you can personalise your content or layout design to suit the individual.  Treat your customers like regulars and encourage them to be part of your brand. 


Email laws and regulations

Email is a powerful, quick and easy way to start marketing to your customers. However, there are laws around EDM marketing that you need to comply with.

Non-compliance can result in emails being blocked or even fines. ROLLER  guides you through the process, providing advice and features, such as unsubscribe buttons, to ensure you comply.

Smart automation

Automation allows you to trigger personal communication such as birthday, thank you for shopping, reminder or welcome emails based on the actions and profile of your customer.

Automation emails are unique, timely and very relevant, a great way of building confidence and community within your customer base.

Setting automation rules also enable you to stay in touch with your clients - even when you are not in the office!


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