Create & Capture Bookings of All Kinds

It's your platform. You are in control.

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Event Ticketing

For events of all sizes, the Roller ticketing platform will make your events go off without a hitch AND with intelligent social sharing features, it will help sell more tickets for you!!

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Booth Bookings & Table Service

Upload you tables to allow your online customers to book and pay in real time. OR if you want to have more control, you can set it so that they are 'requests' and then you can tailor the sell based on information they fill out in the application form (ratio of guys to girls, facebook profile link etc).

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The ultimate database capture tool just got better! With Roller's 'opt in' feature, not only will you be capturing the names and data of the people who create their guestlist, but you will also get access to their additional guests. This will skyrocket your database.

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Looking to drive more traffic on slower nights? Create an enticing offer, like 'express entry' and generate more revenue throughout the week.


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