Sell more tickets, with less effort

Roller's automated platform will help you sell more tickets

social rewards ticketing

Social Rewards

Everytime someone buys a ticket, you can incentive them to get their friends to buy as well, and gain a reward. Let your customers do the marketing for you!

capture forms ticketing

Capture Forms

Before you've even decided on your event, we'll get you setup with a form to capture peoples interest so you can hit them up later

ad retargeting ticketing

Ad Retargeting

Lets say someone visits your event page online and doesn't go through to purchase a ticket (probably because they are not quite ready)... we make sure that those people see ads about your event when they are searching the internet... on facebook, google etc. Magic!!

incentivized sharing ticketing

Sharing Incentives

Set discounts for social sharing. For example, you can say that buyers will receive $1 off their ticket price for sharing the event on facebook... A great way to promote word of mouth advertising.

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