Smart online bookings

Rooms, session, times, groups? We hear you! Tricky configuration of ticketing is made easy with the ROLLER system. We will work with your team, to ensure the ticketing heavy lifting is done up front, and online. This not only reduces administrative labour, but will also utilise cloud based opportunities to make the booking experience accessible to staff in real time, and on-the- go, via mobile and tablet devices.

Customisable POS

The POS can be loaded up on any computer or tablet, therefore requiring no new hardware, and has been designed for fast and efficient entry management. This system is also where the ticket validation occurs for prepaid online tickets. Ensure your customer can book the right session, with the right socks, at the right time- easily.


Collect customised digital waivers during the time of purchase to save you and your guests time. Streamline your waiver process by checking in your guests via a mobile tablet device or give your employees the ability to email a waiver to a parent or guardian when a child arrives in need with only a few clicks. Search for existing waivers, set expiration dates and have your guests add their signature via touchscreen on mobile devices prior to arriving at your venue will save you countless time processing customers.


Upsell online

Up-sell to your customers before they even arrive, with our 'add on' functionality allowing you to personalise and sell jumping socks, vouchers, food and beverage packages or merchandise within the booking process

Jumping socks


Meal vouchers

And more, it's up to you

Next generation entry management

  • Take payment for ticket sales at the gates directly through the app with only a few clicks
  • Up-sell customers by having full visibility on additional extras such as reserved areas, vouchers and merchandise
  • Capture customer information for future marketing campaigns and track return visits
  • Send payment receipts via email without the need to print
  • Scan tickets straight from your customer's mobile phones and printed tickets
  • Available on any device allowing ticket validation from ticket gates, tablets and phones
  • Get to know your customers with powerful data collection tools and social media integrations
  • Have full visibility on the number of customers in your venue with our real-time dashboards and analytics

Respond quicker, convert more

Everything you need in one place, manage your enquiries, convert leads to bookings, and drive value for your business. Patrons now more than ever, demand attentive customer service and fast turnaround response times. Ensuring your staff only have one system to manage will help them stay organised and keep up to speed.


Visualize your success

Access all your data in real time. Create your own beautiful graphs, track how many functions / bookings you have in the pipeline, when they are likely to close, who was responsible for closing the deal. Tracking you most popular products will help guide your pricing and guide procurement.  If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. 

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