a digital waiver system that allow customers to sign waivers upon purchase and prior to arriving at your venue



Go digital 

Avoid the paper clutter and have customers sign waivers online as part of the checkout experience

  • Waiver content is customisable to include your terms and conditions
  • Capture online as part of the booking experience 
  • Documents all stored electronically
  • Customers are automatically sent a copy of their signed waiver
  • The ability to send reminder emails to request customers to sign the waiver
  • Allows parents or guardians to sign for minors easily

Simple management

We give you the tools to track and manage all your waivers with ease. Everything is managed from the control console, so no messing up during daily use.

  • Issue your employees staff accounts to grant access
  • Search in real-time by name or email address for customers onsite
  • View waivers in your platform or in the ROLLER POS
  • Download signed documents in PDF form
  • Everything is managed from the control console

Test and try our waiver system for yourself

Click to sign a test digital waiver, receive the waiver in your inbox and your ready to go! 


Waiver legalities 

Ensuring your business is reducing its liability exposure and minimising risk is integral to business that use waiver systems. Moving to electronic waivers provides your staff with greater visibility over attending clients and ensure automatic storage. It also provides an opportunity for your business to review your administration process, ensuring they are properly customised to your specific use.

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